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Ambassador Beds Pure Luxury? The Complete Guide

Ambassador Bed Guide

Simon Jones |

What is an Ambassador bed? Ambassador bed design and history

If you're in the market for a new bed frame, the Ambassador bed is a great option to consider. The Ambassador bed frame is a grand bed suited for the most luxurious of bedrooms and décor styles. This elegant, enduring piece has been around for centuries and continues to be a popular choice among homeowners.

If you want to know more about Ambassador beds, then this guide will give you a deep dive into the details around these luxurious beds. Some common questions we get on our Ambassador Beds are listed below and this chapter will answer them common questions in one place.

1. What are the sizes of Ambassador beds? The easiest way to remember this is standard Ambassador beds are always 2 foot thicker in width, so as an example a 5ft King size Ambassador bed would be 7ft wide. Click HERE to view our Ambassador bed collection.

2. Can I have storage on an Ambassador Bed? Of course, these beds offer plenty of storage space underneath and are available with gas lift ottomans for all your storage needs.

3. What sizes can I purchase an Ambassador bed in? Starting from a 3ft single ambassador, we go right up to 6ft super king.

But what is an ambassador bed? Where did it come from? And why is it so popular?

Where did the name come from?

The ambassador bed was originally a type of four-poster upholstered bed and originated in the 17th century. During this time many travelling diplomats and high-ranking political officials were treated to grand luxury and places to stay, treating them like a king, in order to gain favour with their country. One such gift was a bed with a large headboard of great height, and a king-sized bed frame of great length and width, to signify their wealth and importance. Their popularity grew, particularly in Britain and so the word was spread about this new high-quality upholstered bed. And so, the Ambassador bed was born.

Why is it so popular?


Thanks to its timeless design, customisability and luxurious look. Its easy to see why the ambassador bed remains one of the most popular beds for the comfort-seeking customer! They can be used to fill several bedroom requirements including ottoman storage thanks to its frame of great length and width. They are easily available in several sizes, from single and double all the way up to king and super king. This allows them to suit any range of mattresses and room types, making them an enticing choice for our customers.


The ambassador bed frame is also an extremely customisable bed, available in several colours and styles. The possible fabrics include plush velvet, crushed fabric or naples and many others. These fabrics can be given a range of colour too, from metal colours such as silver and grey, to the warmer ends of the colour with cream, sand and maroon plum plush velvet. Designed with a solid slatted base built to last.


When it comes to quality our ambassador beds are luxury. They are made with high-quality wood, and upholstered in a thick, soft fabric. The matching fabric buttons on our ambassador beds are also of the utmost quality, sewn into the Chesterfield-style headboard to provide a luxurious look and feel. We understand that beds are an investment, and that’s why we aim to provide a bed that will last you for years to come. So here at Bedroomking we provide a range of Ambassador bed frames in different styles and available in different sizes.

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